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Carnaroli Classic Rice in 1 kg bag

Carnaroli Classic Rice in 1 kg bag

€ 4.40

The bag contains 1 kg of bulk rice.

Carnaroli rice is a very fine variety of superfine rice. The grain is big and about 7 mm long, elongated and cerulean color with small white pearl center.
The taste is clean, almost sweet, with large grain and elastic even after cooking.

Was obtained in 1945 from a cross between Vialone (with high amylose that seals in cooking) and Lencino (long rice, and very large pearl) It is considered by many gourmet rice prince of the kitchen.

His fame comes from the exceptional compactness of the grains large and long with a small central part, the high content of amylose close to 24% of the total starch, the excellent balance between good capacity for liquid absorption and low loss of starch. It is ideal for risotto, pies, rice with sauce. Do not overcook the grain and is not broken down. Because of these properties is preferred in the preparation of haute cuisine; but also less experienced cooks can get great results.

The cooking time is 16-18 minutes.   ADD TO CART