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Baldo Classic Rice 1 kg

Baldo Classic Rice 1 kg

€ 3.80

The Baldo rice is a great crystal formed in 1964 derived from the intersection of Arborio with Stirpe 136 and mainly cultivated in the Vercelli, Novara and Pavia, presents a grain bulk and today is experiencing a growing success being used both in the kitchens of professionals, both in the family, in Italy and abroad thanks to its consistency, but above all due to its taste.

The Baldo has a great ability to absorb the seasonings releasing starch during cooking is recommended for the majority of rice that will be blended and creamy with a perfect harmony between the rice and seasonings, but also for pies and rice salads and being so versatile is very pleasant consumed in vegetable broth and traditional soups.

The cooking time is 15-16 minutes.   ADD TO CART