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Risotto with Red Onion - Gluten Free

Risotto with Red Onion - Gluten Free

€ 5.00

The Risotto with Red Onion De.C.O. of Breme is prepared with our certified Carnaroli: it is a risotto that marries 2 products of our beloved Lomellina wisely united to enhance the culture, customs and traditions of our territory ... Carnaroli and Breme Red Onion!
The red onion of Breme, also called "La Dolcissima" is the particular variety of onion that is grown in the neighboring area of ​​Breme, in Lomellina and therefore in the province of Pavia.

Ingredients: Carnaroli rice (90%), vegetable broth (salt, potato starch, yeast extracts, potato maltodextrins, dehydrated vegetables (carrot, onion, celery, parsley), sunflower oil, vegetable natural flavors, spices), rice flour, asparagus flour (1,4%), Onion from Breme DE.C.O. (3.3%).

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