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Risotto with Radicchio - Gluten Free

Risotto with Radicchio - Gluten Free

€ 5.00

As the chefs from Veneto who offer us their delicious risotto know, Risotto con Radicchio tardivo is a typical regional delicacy from Veneto.
As it cooks, it takes on a reddish colour thanks to the red leafy vegetables from Treviso which, with their slightly bitter taste, give the rice a great flavour.
Once ready you can refine the risotto to your taste, with Parmigiano, or, if you like a slightly more intense taste, you can also add a spicy Gorgonzola.

Ingredients: Carnaroli Classico rice (91%), granulated vegetable stock (salt, potato starch, yeast extract, maltodextrin (potatoes, corn), dehydrated vegetables (onion, carrot, celery, parsley)(10%), sunflower oil, spices, natural flavours), rice flour, late radicchio* (3%). * Dried/lysed ingredient.

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