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Risotto with Zucchini - Gluten free

Risotto with Zucchini This is one that most shows which attention is paid in the selection of raw materials, you see well courgettes, white washers (means processed fresh), the amount and the processing layer that guarantees the same quantity of ingredients included in any preparation, to enhance this Risotto with zucchini, after cooking, melt a mild gorgonzola walnut and serve hot.

Ingredients: superfine rice*, granular vegetable broth* (table salt, corn starch*, corn maltodextrin*, dehydrated vegetables and vegetable juice* (onion*, carrot*, celery*, parsley*, leek*) 12%, oil sunflower, yeast extract, natural flavors, vegetable, spices*, antioxidant: rosemary extract*, rice flour*), dehydrated zucchini* (5%).
* Ingredients from organic farming.

Portions: 2/3