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The farm

The farm Ferraris Luigi located in the province of Pavia, in the heart of Lomellina (reign of rice) produces an area of 130 hectares, rice, maize and poplar trees.

The company, founded in 1988, is specialized in producing varieties of rice Carnaroli, S. Andrea and Centauro, with a production that is around 8000-10000 tons of paddy per year. The Company is invested in huge work for qualitative selection of the seed as a producer of paddy seed for several seed companies in the area. Agronomically the company employs the technique that allows agricultural crop rotation, breaking the monoculture rice used to limit the amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for a better environment.

Center of the company is the "Cascina Alberona" in which you provide directly to the consumer rice as a finished product. The packaging is done with modern vacuum technique. The agricultural enterprise Luigi Ferraris is part of the Chain of Venere Rice to guarantee the quality of the product.

The company has established a direct relationship with some GAS (Groups of Purchase Solidarity) including:
  •   • Gas of Noventa (VE)
  •   • Gas of Portogruaro (VE)
  •   • Gaslascorza

Where you can enjoy our rice:
  •   • Restaurant "La Torre" in Mortara - Contrada della Torre, 7 - Phone: 0384.90775
  •   • "Trattoria Guallina" in Mortara (Frazione Guallina) - Via Molino Faenza, 19 - Phone: 0384.91962 -
  •   • "Locanda Trento" in Mortara - Via Trento, 12 - Phone: 0384.98727 -
  •   • "Trattoria Podazzera" in Vigevano - Milano 95 - Phone: 0381.690268 -