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Our products


Complete food, healthy, nutritious and easy to digest higher than that of all other cereals.
Improve the performance of the organic functions.
Plays a hypotensive and is beneficial in cases of azotemia.
The farm Ferraris Luigi adheres to the chain of Rice Venus to guarantee the quality of the product.

Risotti and Soups

The risotto and Soup of Cascina Alberona where natural and genuine taste come together to offer irresistible recipes.
Our ready packages are easy and quick to cook through all the instructions on the pack.


Healthy and tasty alternative to regular wheat pasta.
That used by celiacs must follow a gluten-free diet.
It goes perfectly with all the sauces of the Italian tradition.


It has a very delicate flavor and lasts a long time.
Great for light desserts and nutrients, suitable for coeliacs.


Snacks made of rice such as biscuits, rice cake and crispy and crumbly breadsticks, ideal as a snack, or for breakfast and a snack.

Gift box

In our store you will find fantastic packages and gift baskets.
The gift that we propose, are made exclusively from products derived from rice and rice.