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The secrets to a good risotto

The King of dishes of rice remains the risotto. Here are some secrets to cook it to perfection:

  • • Bring a pan with a diameter of 26/28 cm and low sides of steel, a wooden spoon, a liter of boiling broth (vegetable, meat or fish depending on the type of rice you want to cook at three sometimes the rice), and of course rice
  • The fried onions: Brown the chopped onion in a little 'dressing. The onion should fade gently in butter or oil. The sauce should not darken too but only brown
  • The toasted rice: Pour the rice and toast over high heat, stirring with a wooden spoon for a few minutes, leaving it to absorb the seasoning. The rice is toasted when the wooden spoon to-friction against the walls of the pan
  • The blended with wine: at will, after roasting, the rice can be blended with half a glass of white wine or red wine
  • A toasted rice you can: a) pour two ladles of hot broth and in broth dry, continue to pour a ladle of broth at a time until cooked last 15/18 minutes; b) or, in obedience to the rule Vercelli doc, pour all the broth, leaving dry rice for the time required for cooking, always 15/18 minutes, (being careful not to mistake the amount of broth which must be equal to three times that of the rice). The rice should always be cooked to pot discovery
  • Creaming: almost cooked and perfectly absorbed broth or hot already off you have to stir the risotto stirring vigorously for 1 to 2 minutes after the addition of butter and parmesan
  • The risotto on the table: a minute's rest and the risotto is ready for the table, creamy and soft

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