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Luigi Ferraris after his agricultural studies at the Agricultural Institute of Castelfranco Veneto, began his career in 1988 in the lowlands of Lower Lomellina in Mortara location 40 km from Pavia in the heart of the typical area of rice paddies. Luigi resumed farming already paternal grandparents held in three different farmhouses of Lomellina: "La Felicita", "Montebello" e "Alberona" after leaving the farm land of Romagnano Sesia in Novarese.

Over the years the passion for this work has continued to grow and with it the desire to get closer to consumers and restaurateurs. That's why in recent years the idea was born to create a point of direct sales: where you can "taste" the Lomellina. Through the first production and then the direct sale of rice, the company wants to help spread in our country the culture of rice, as a product with a lot of quality on the nutritional and organoleptic.